Sakkara is an boutique equestrian focused performance wear, apparel and experiential brand made in Italy.

Sakkara is an equestrian focused performance wear, apparel and experiencial brand made in italy. Zeina Housaini had a vision of the brand which is much more than a lifestyle. Each item is intricately designed inhouse. The manufacturing is done in italy with far greater collaboration beyond comparison.

Kann Collective was tasked with Branding, Creating an Identity System, Brand Management, Technology Transition, User Experience Design, Development, Custom Multi-Transactional Application Development, Digital and Experiencial Marketing. Ariculate and translate her vision for the brand to be imbibed into every aspect of Brand Communication.

Materials and textures play a central role here. Product pictures are woven into online stories in order to give visitors a sensorial experience. A systematic approach to typography and layout creates a robust yet flexible grid system that allows new stories and products to be added seamlessly. The framework is quite robust, making the products and typography center of attention interchangeably. An experience designed for timeless stories that are deep-rooted in equestrian heritage and inspired by contemporary culture.