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We talk to Silvy about what makes her cringe and her gorgeous sustainable fashion brand “bihi”















What makes you cringe?

– being the centre of attention. Ive had to be a model in some of my own product photos and it took all of me to post them onto the web! Massive cringe.


What smell you love?

– tuberose, orange blossoms and jasmine. and coffee.


To what are you addicted to?

– creating, its non-stop my brain is always working on something, a thought, a project, a new song, a new collection. My mind feels like a tornado all the time. Also BBC’s Peaky Blinders


What was your last dream?

– I have very vivid, and very weird dreams every night, but can never remember them. I always tell my self in my dream “oh you’re gonna remember this one!”


What did you googled last?

– Beanboozled + Origin of  Appalachian Music


What the last thing you took photo of?

– Blue buildings in Chefchouaen, in Northern Morocco


When did you realize that Santa is not real?

– I dont remember! Maybe its because i still kind of believe it… I love Christmas. Well, i love Yule, i try not to partake and give into commercial holidays, there is generally a reason why we celebrate these days so i try to take it back to basics by mostly following the Pagan holidays.


How did you got started into the lifestyle and fashion ecommerce world?

– I started working in fashion almost 10 years ago, starting out as a model agent. Worked my way around a few different roles, still doing freelance work until i moved away to Morocco and Bihi was born. I have always loved fashion, but wanted to do something a bit more meaningful than just creating beautiful things, and I feel that by creating Bihi I’m making a tiny tiny difference. I can’t change the entire fashion industry or the way people perceive fast fashion, but i can do the best i can in making sure my products are sustainable.


What has been the most tough thing to get over, when you were staring out?

– That you won’t make any money, or at least profit, for a very long time. That you’re one of a million people doing the same thing you do. Its hard to find a new angle on fashion! You just have to keep doing what you do, do the absolute best you can and hope that people will like it, but its a journey and it doesn’t give you instant gratification. Patience is not my virtue, I had to learn to deal with that.


How has been your experience in your journey?

– I learned a lot very quickly, so many things that I was so sure about I then ended up wishing I hadn’t done. Regret is too strong a word, but when you spend a lot of your savings on your own business and then it doesn’t pay off, thats a hard lesson to learn. But its a lesson you need to learn, and you need to understand that having your own business is about the journey and not the destination!


What would you suggest that one thing, startup lifestyle and fashion brand must have?

– Multiple sources of income. DONT quit your day job, or better day jobs… I still have 5-6 sources of income and i think to put all your eggs in one basket all at once is not a smart move. Other than that, patience, you will hit a wall where you dont have any more content, and you will struggle to have anything to say to your consumers, thats ok, but you need to keep inspiring your self, keep the wheel turning. Theres a million people out there doing the same thing or something similar to you, just focus on your self and keep persisting.

Thank you Silvy for an amazing interview!


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