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A client’s guide to design: how to get the most out of the process?

Getting the most out of the process

Branding in today’s world is a highly exclusive work, result of people coming together with a purpose. Only when the collaboration is creative, the results are too.

We’ll discuss how to get creative results the following explanation will give you a much realistic, useful information about the entire process.

The fundamental principle here is that anything worth doing is worth doing it well, but if it’s to be done well, it must first be valued.

Value: “Good design is not cheap design cheap design is not good design.”

There are a lot of examples of design and creativity’s importance. There is ample evidence to justify good design and creativity leads to more revenue.

We are competing for “attention” it is more than just an internet bubble which is going to bust, it’s a challenge for companies to attract customers to their products/services & keep them. The solution to the challenge is how companies communicate to their markets their audience is the primary means of differentiation today.

Never in fact has communication been more important in business. More often than not, business that value design lead the competition.

What design is and isn’t?

Design is not something that looks good or bad, that’s “Style”. What design is, it is the underline structure of communication the idea not merely the surface qualities. There is nothing more vulgar than the messages that stand on their own.

Ideas give design it’s weight, its substance, its ability to influence audience positively, negatively or not at all.

Design is about the whole, not isolated bits. Being inconsistent raises doubts, doubts makes customers wary. That wouldn’t be an issue if there were no options but there are and they are well aware of it.


Is it suffice for brands/businesses to have a great logo, where there is no consistency across the whole spectrum of touch points / interactions. From the tone of the helpline executive to the corporate identity, branding, packaging, internet, environmental graphics.

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