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Shakespeare, product page, lifestyle and fashion eCommerce brands

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Shakespeare’s work expresses the entire range of human experience. His chosen characters were easily relatable, who took the sympathy of the audience as compared to Shakespeare counterparts, who had a very linear outlook of the world, good people and monsters.

Shakespeare in his time was famous for his distinctive writing style. The writing unlike the time depended on extended, sometimes elaborated metaphors and language often rhetorical. Shakespeare used a pattern consisting of lines of unrhymed iambic pentameter called blank verse. Read More

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What are Gary Vee’s Issues with Branding & eCommerce?

Lifestyle and fashion brands share the similar building blocks for marketing (depending on their budget). With organic search marketing, content marketing, PPC, influencer marketing, and initiating email marketing campaigns to generate leads, offering them discounts to invite their friends, spreading the message.

This sums up the efforts of digital marketer, this marketing strategy works well and it gives somewhat 5 – 7% results but what this approach doesn’t do is build a lasting brand. It leaves a generic, linear, mechanized impression. The reason behind this is most often lifestyle brands and fashion startup brands in their rush to build and launch a MVP (minimum viable product) they bootstrap human emotions as well, resulting in…

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Lessons from Andy Warhol on creating a lifestyle brand?

In the 1950’s the art world was dominated by the greats such as Jackson Pollock, Rothko and their abstract expressionist art was spearheading the times. Andy Warhol graduated from Pittsburg school of art and within years was already a celebrated commercial artist. His illustrations for magazines and newspapers would fetch him a great financial rewards but he still longed for being an artist.

For his art to stand out it had to be about something, it had to comment on something, it had to position himself in the present day world. The world around Andy was America in its consumerism prime. This caught Andy’s attention as he was raised in the great depression era, comforted by movies, fame and celebrity status. To him it was this glossy consumerism was the reality, which can solve everything. It was his reality.

He brought the commercialism to the art world. As he was a commercial illustrator, he knew mass production and consumerism hasn’t been able to touch the Art industry. Artist in that era worked on exclusive artworks had selected markets to sell and most of the work was not available to the masses. Read More

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Amazing ways lifestyle and fashion brands are using snapchat- how you can adopt the strategy for your startup brand?

It’s a writing on the wall that mobile revolution is here and it’s definitely staying. As an online lifestyle and fashion ecommerce brand, your primary focus should be mobile. Going where your customers are is never a bad strategy. Brands who quickly adapt to the shifts in culture reap the benefits.

Snapchat ranks sixth on fortune magazine’s unicorn list. It has overtaken instagram and has the same amount of attention as facebook. Most important is the demographic of 18-24 year old snapchat it caters to. Overtaking instagram with 58% of users reach. Snapchat is in the same spot where facebook was in the initial years, where instagram was. Most importantly it is the only social media touchpoint that’s competing with Facebook.

Preface to Snapchat:

Snapchat is mainly a video messaging app.

There are mainly three things Chat, Snaps and Stories.

Chat is usual affair like any messaging app. You send it directly to a user and get notifications if they are viewed.

Snaps are 10 second (or user defined) videos that you send directly to your friends, they can be made more creative with adding filters, and drawing on them. They disappear once you open them.

Stories are collection of snaps to tell a story, it’s similar to vine but these stories. These are Public to all your followers. They only last for 24 hours, This makes it perfect for brands to market themselves selectively. This is “The” differentiating factor of Snapchat which makes it ideal for lifestyle and fashion brands.

Snapchat has no discovery feature based on popularity like other social media platforms. They only have one paid option (starts at $50K) Discover Publisher.

How are lifestyle and fashion ecommerce brands are using snapchat?

Well almost everyone is on the platform. Lifestyle and fashion brands have the advantage on snapchat as the platform is mainly a messaging platform that is time bound and it’s ideal for creating curated campaigns specially targeting Snapchat customers. Having mainly video as native content it is even more personal than facebook.

Burberry uses it to give it’s audience direct access to it’s fashion shoots, ad. campaign behind the scenes and front rows at fashion shows.

Gucci has emerged as a major player in social media arena, has mastered using this touchpoint. They invited Hari Nef, Jared Leto as guests to take charge of their account.

Luis Vuitton made the best use of the exclusivity snapchat offers, a peek inside their luis vuitton’s  house with all their celebrity endorsements.

H&M released their most interesting campaign in poland where they shared the secret location in their store where the tickets to a music event were hidden.

Calvin Klein called in Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, korean pop star Taeyang, Dev Hynes and models Edie Campbell and Lucky Blue to create more than 200 pieces of content.

Valentino has had the famous bloggers Brayanboy and Elenora Carisi taking over their snapchat accounts resulting in huge following of their account.

How your startup lifestyle and fashion ecommerce brand should use it?

There’s no point investing heavily on paid discover feature of the app. Your startup brand needs to follow a more creative approach. Following are the few ways you can strategize your marketing campaigns.

It’s always good strategy to focus on the unique attribute of the touchpoint.

So, What’s unique feature on Snapchat?

Apart of the creative tools of the app. The single most unique feature is their time bound story feature. It creates an urgency in customers to not to miss out on the content. Creating content around this unique feature is the most viable investment.

Snapchat is in the “Present” sphere of social media.

Create contests exclusive to Snapchat:

As a lifestyle and fashion brand you need to maximize the attention timeframe of your audience and customers getting something valuable out of the process is a win win situation.

For instance: Nasty gal used it in new york fashion show, where it asked people to come to a certain spot and gave away $100 gift vouchers. Not only that they hired their social media intern through snapchat.

Create exclusive discounts to Snapchat:

Snapchat is unique in the limited timeframe of the content. This makes it ideal tool to heighten the excitement of missing out by adding a discount. For lifestyle and fashion brands a great giveaway or discount is always good marketing ask Oprah Winfery about it.

Add personal touch with draw feature:

Their draw feature is similar to viber app. It can be best used to create a personal touch in your communication.

Create custom on-demand filters:

Snapchat lets it’s users create an on demand filter, with defined geography, which they’ll approve in one business day and it costs the $5. Your startup lifestyle and fashion brand can use this feature to create interesting campaigns and contests.

Create exclusive access to product launches:

Nars a cosmetic company recently used Snapchat exclusively to preview their launch of Guy Bourdin color cosmetics collection.

Allow snapchat takeover:

You can pool in influencers to take over your snapchat account for a limited time to increase brand’s reach.

Create consistency:

Your brand must have a unique voice and maintaining it throughout the social media touchpoints. It is a tough task in itself but as a lifestyle and fashion ecommerce brand you need to be creative in this domain to keep consistency and have a distinct brand voice.

Behind the scenes access:

Your lifestyle and fashion brand has all this activity throughout the day you can think how to most creatively and strategically use Snapchat to showcase behind the scene access to design meetings, fashion shoots, model castings and campaigns. You need to be sure to align your social media image to your brand image.

Create engagement:

What were contests in initial facebook era have transformed into Snapchat contests, questionnaires and more. Their main aim is to instill engagement, what was initiating a communication in comments on facebook is now a Snapback in Snapchat.



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How to create an amazing brand experience foundation for your startup lifestyle and fashion ecommerce brand – 39 point research based checklist.

As they say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder what they also say is that beauty lies in the detail. Well we from experience can say that the latter works every single instance. It cannot be more correct for lifestyle and fashion brands than any other.

Brand centric approach is essential for any lifestyle, fashion, beauty or jewelry brand today. In our information age where transparency rules there cannot be more than one brand that offers cheap prices. Online brands specifically startup lifestyle and fashion brands have to start offering a lot more.

Effective communication is core of the essence when it comes to getting attention of customers. All the elements work together to create an amazing brand experience. The words, colour, imagery, icons and tone of voice. All elements contribute to a lasting and cherished brand experience.

7-38-55 rule of Albert Mehrabian, currently professor of psychology in UCLA.

Where 7% of words 38% of tone of voice 55% body language influences people.

A successful lifestyle, fashion, beauty or jewelry brand successfully translates them into their brand experience. It’s the most important lesson any startup lifestyle brand should learn. We researched and tested leading sites through our set of requirements to enhance our knowledge about customer behavior and expectations.

Why we decided to do a qualitative research?

We are working with a startup fashion brand and realized that there was not much qualitative research in this specific are of ecommerce related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. So we chose to fill the gap.

We researched and tested lifestyle brand sites to have an understanding of most cherished and apt brand experiences.

What was missing in the existing research?

There was no focus on brand as a whole, they were more oriented towards pure marketing or conversion side of things.

What we were looking for?

We were looking for a rational, workable, scalable solution that kept all the departments happy (it sure is not that easy). Main area of focus was to measure brand experience on mobile ecommerce.

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How to create a timeless lifestyle brand? – 3 step process with 21 point checklist, explained.


We are living in the most interesting times of our generation, there’s so much change has happened and so little time it’s amazing. For the fashion and lifestyle industry change was every present but with the tech. revolution and fast fashion now a permanent part of family.

It is estimated that an average customer is exposed to more than 30,000 advertisements in a day (this includes online and offline impressions) which is increasing every year.

Even interesting is that, as much as the market sounds crowded & competitive, brands that are relevant and catering to a specific niche are doing really well.

Attention is the prized possession in today’s world.

Attention of our time has shifted tremendously, social media has penetrated so much into our existence that they have been a driving factor in bringing revolutions in countries then how come the retail industry can not be affected by it.

In this article we’ll be sharing how brands are built, how they penetrate and become essential members of customers family. We’ll be looking at what has worked for leading brands in lifestyle and fashion industry and most importantly how can you achieve that David’s mind set defeat Goliath’s of the industry.

We will share the aspects of brand that works and how you can level up and incorporate it in your online lifestyle and fashion brand.

Back to basics

The Lifestyle and fashion brands segment is the most dynamic and fierce in competition but interestingly there are brands that have been leading through the years.

What’s their secret? How do they do it?

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