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What Marshall McLuhan can teach you about lifestyle and fashion eCommerce?

Herbert Marshall McLuhan or Marshall McLuhan as he is popularly known. Born in 1911 Edmonton, Canada. He was a professor, philosopher, and public intellectual. His graduate work at Cambridge University initiated the work and started McLuhan’s eventual move toward media analysis.

He is responsible for coining the famous expression “The Medium is The Message”,

So what does the medium is the message really mean, why is it so important that Marshall McLuhan got so much attention for it?

The genius lies in the paradox of the statement, in its deliberation. For instance when you receive a message the content of message is the message, there’s nothing that lies in the form. Form never was the considering factor, it was the content that mattered.

McLuhan’s genius was to emphasize the form as the primary driver to the content. He argued that, throughout history it has the medium that was more important than the message that was communicated. The oral culture as compared to the print culture was more audio based than visual. Read More

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Shakespeare, product page, lifestyle and fashion eCommerce brands

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Shakespeare’s work expresses the entire range of human experience. His chosen characters were easily relatable, who took the sympathy of the audience as compared to Shakespeare counterparts, who had a very linear outlook of the world, good people and monsters.

Shakespeare in his time was famous for his distinctive writing style. The writing unlike the time depended on extended, sometimes elaborated metaphors and language often rhetorical. Shakespeare used a pattern consisting of lines of unrhymed iambic pentameter called blank verse. Read More

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Why JCrew is the next British Empire?

There’s an important lesson for eCommerce brands, specially in lifestyle and fashion segment. Running a brand is not much different than running an empire. There’s so much one can learn from the fall of British empire.

Empires and great powers rise and fall. The change in time gives way for an empire to fall and gives rise to another empire. One prime example of this is the fall of British Empire. Britain was an empire based on manufacturing and it had built an amazing network through conquering nations. They conquered so much of the world that in 1929 they were ruling 1/4th of the world.

Five years later the empire where the sun never settled, collapsed losing all of what it took them 2 centuries to build.The country withdrew to the british isles even there it was hurt by insurgency.

What was it that lead a global power to disintegrate like that?

There are numerous factors like the unification of Germany and their competition to British industrialization, American association and competition, British investors moving towards America for better returns, constant wars in their ruled lands, investing heavily in central Africa. but they all sum up to one single thing, their failure to adapt to present world changes and respond to shifting powers.

The fall of the British empire shows us just how quickly things can change. How a global power can be reduced to less than 1/4th of its size just by neglecting the present changes, investing heavily in single segment and unable to respond to shifting powers. Read More

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What Should I Put on the Homepage? – Exclusive for lifestyle & fashion e-commerce brands.

What makes it different from other segments is that lifestyle and fashion brands are visual in their nature. Their approach has to be entirely different than billion dollar multi brand online retails like nordstrom, macy’s and amazon.

In order to find answers we recently did a qualitative research for a startup lifestyle brand specializing in urban fashion jewelry. Following are the findings from the study, please do note that these are specific to lifestyle & fashion e-commerce brands and these might not work as well with other brands.

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