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What are Gary Vee’s Issues with Branding & eCommerce?

Lifestyle and fashion brands share the similar building blocks for marketing (depending on their budget). With organic search marketing, content marketing, PPC, influencer marketing, and initiating email marketing campaigns to generate leads, offering them discounts to invite their friends, spreading the message.

This sums up the efforts of digital marketer, this marketing strategy works well and it gives somewhat 5 – 7% results but what this approach doesn’t do is build a lasting brand. It leaves a generic, linear, mechanized impression. The reason behind this is most often lifestyle brands and fashion startup brands in their rush to build and launch a MVP (minimum viable product) they bootstrap human emotions as well, resulting in…

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How to create an amazing brand experience foundation for your startup lifestyle and fashion ecommerce brand – 39 point research based checklist.

As they say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder what they also say is that beauty lies in the detail. Well we from experience can say that the latter works every single instance. It cannot be more correct for lifestyle and fashion brands than any other.

Brand centric approach is essential for any lifestyle, fashion, beauty or jewelry brand today. In our information age where transparency rules there cannot be more than one brand that offers cheap prices. Online brands specifically startup lifestyle and fashion brands have to start offering a lot more.

Effective communication is core of the essence when it comes to getting attention of customers. All the elements work together to create an amazing brand experience. The words, colour, imagery, icons and tone of voice. All elements contribute to a lasting and cherished brand experience.

7-38-55 rule of Albert Mehrabian, currently professor of psychology in UCLA.

Where 7% of words 38% of tone of voice 55% body language influences people.

A successful lifestyle, fashion, beauty or jewelry brand successfully translates them into their brand experience. It’s the most important lesson any startup lifestyle brand should learn. We researched and tested leading sites through our set of requirements to enhance our knowledge about customer behavior and expectations.

Why we decided to do a qualitative research?

We are working with a startup fashion brand and realized that there was not much qualitative research in this specific are of ecommerce related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. So we chose to fill the gap.

We researched and tested lifestyle brand sites to have an understanding of most cherished and apt brand experiences.

What was missing in the existing research?

There was no focus on brand as a whole, they were more oriented towards pure marketing or conversion side of things.

What we were looking for?

We were looking for a rational, workable, scalable solution that kept all the departments happy (it sure is not that easy). Main area of focus was to measure brand experience on mobile ecommerce.

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How to create a timeless lifestyle brand? – 3 step process with 21 point checklist, explained.


We are living in the most interesting times of our generation, there’s so much change has happened and so little time it’s amazing. For the fashion and lifestyle industry change was every present but with the tech. revolution and fast fashion now a permanent part of family.

It is estimated that an average customer is exposed to more than 30,000 advertisements in a day (this includes online and offline impressions) which is increasing every year.

Even interesting is that, as much as the market sounds crowded & competitive, brands that are relevant and catering to a specific niche are doing really well.

Attention is the prized possession in today’s world.

Attention of our time has shifted tremendously, social media has penetrated so much into our existence that they have been a driving factor in bringing revolutions in countries then how come the retail industry can not be affected by it.

In this article we’ll be sharing how brands are built, how they penetrate and become essential members of customers family. We’ll be looking at what has worked for leading brands in lifestyle and fashion industry and most importantly how can you achieve that David’s mind set defeat Goliath’s of the industry.

We will share the aspects of brand that works and how you can level up and incorporate it in your online lifestyle and fashion brand.

Back to basics

The Lifestyle and fashion brands segment is the most dynamic and fierce in competition but interestingly there are brands that have been leading through the years.

What’s their secret? How do they do it?

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A client’s guide to design: how to get the most out of the process?

Getting the most out of the process

Branding in today’s world is a highly exclusive work, result of people coming together with a purpose. Only when the collaboration is creative, the results are too.

We’ll discuss how to get creative results the following explanation will give you a much realistic, useful information about the entire process.

The fundamental principle here is that anything worth doing is worth doing it well, but if it’s to be done well, it must first be valued.

Value: “Good design is not cheap design cheap design is not good design.”

There are a lot of examples of design and creativity’s importance. There is ample evidence to justify good design and creativity leads to more revenue.

We are competing for “attention” it is more than just an internet bubble which is going to bust, it’s a challenge for companies to attract customers to their products/services & keep them. The solution to the challenge is how companies communicate to their markets their audience is the primary means of differentiation today.

Never in fact has communication been more important in business. More often than not, business that value design lead the competition.

What design is and isn’t?

Design is not something that looks good or bad, that’s “Style”. What design is, it is the underline structure of communication the idea not merely the surface qualities. There is nothing more vulgar than the messages that stand on their own.

Ideas give design it’s weight, its substance, its ability to influence audience positively, negatively or not at all.

Design is about the whole, not isolated bits. Being inconsistent raises doubts, doubts makes customers wary. That wouldn’t be an issue if there were no options but there are and they are well aware of it.


Is it suffice for brands/businesses to have a great logo, where there is no consistency across the whole spectrum of touch points / interactions. From the tone of the helpline executive to the corporate identity, branding, packaging, internet, environmental graphics.

Thanks for reading.



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When is the right time to start investing in branding your business?

Branding is the process used for building brand awareness, creating and extending customer loyalty. Branding is about conducting research to know, strategize, creating identity, creating touch points and delivering consistently.

It’s about exuding leadership, creating and seizing opportunities to express why people should choose your brand over the competition.

Simply put branding is what sets you business on a leading path, ahead of the competition. It builds trust and cements your brand as a leader.

Branding adds value, focusing on the important areas of a brand.

  • Differentiation
  • Loyalty
  • Perceived quality
  • Leadership/popularity
  • Perceived value
  • Brand personality
  • Associations
  • Brand awareness
  • Market share
  • Market price


Types of branding

Different brand types work unique for each market, these are the following that your business could fall into:

Personal branding:

If people know you or recognize your face, you have your personal brand in their minds. It’s the way an individual builds their reputation.

Personality brands:

Personality brands are personal brands but have larger and stronger loyalty base. They’re individual brands that are so strong that they deliver wide-reaching personal celebrity and create significant value when associated with products or services.

Cause branding:

It is about aligning your brand with a corporate social responsibility or charitable cause.

Country branding:

Branding a country, exuding its core values, culture, carefully crafted positioning to attract tourists and invite businesses.


It provides a way of brands to combine forces, a partnership with another brand leading to business growth and their reach.

 Product branding:

When your product deliver the promise to your customer, armed with differentiation and well positioned, your product becomes a brand in itself.

Service branding:

Services are products, customers buy services as they buy products, based on their trust that they’ll deliver as promised.

Digital branding:

Digital has evolved into a major segment and targeting it in its own uniqueness is essential. Web, social media, driving commerce on the web.


When to start investing?

 New company/New product

If you are starting a new company, this is an ideal time to think and invest in a brand identity program. Either it is a startup, a new product, a brand, it is essential to start off on the right foot. A well researched and designed brand identity not only establishes your business as professional, conveys it’s vision confidently and exudes leadership.

 Name change

If you are planning to change your business name, usually this happens when there is change in direction of the business. A new service or a different approach to whole set of new services. It is essential that you make changes in a phased manner and a new identity eases the change process and gives new opportunity to build promise and explain the change.

 Revitalize the brand identity

If you are already running a company and see that it feels outdated and needs to level up. You need to align your future positioning and vision to your current brand, a revitalized version of the brand identity will pull you from the depths of unknown to a clear path towards your goals.

 Revitalize the brand

If you wish to re-position yourself, revive you current brand or have taken a completely different niche business. A revitalized brand will ease your entry into the new market, position, differentiate and make you relevant.

 Creating a cohesive system

If you have noticed that you lag behind in consistency of your company, marketing looks like it’s from a different company, packaging is from another and experience of another. A new brand architecture will make your brand stronger, more focused and will result in more accusations.


If you have merged with another company and you wish to communicate clearly that it’s a merger not an accusation. That there’s a stronger brand emerged from a merger of equal caliber companies. A refreshed new branding can help you send out clear messages to the audience, retain their faith and clear all the speculations.

Thank you for reading!