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Why not every passenger is a pilot



Everybody has an opinion on how things should be, how they can be better or productive or engaging or successful. That certainly is true but it’s only part of it, the solutions are according to them through their perception and experiences, that certainly does not mean that every user is a branding, strategy, positioning, designing or engineering professional.

Talking about form does not make you an architect.

Talking about staging does not make you a film director.

It is unquestionable fact that what you feel about brands has been in one way or other been given hard thought to. What you feel from a certain brand, positive of negative has been premeditated. Brand from Tribes. The feeling people have about a brand is different from a group to another group. Brands are designed from top to bottom more precisely than you’d think.

Films also use design language and it is quite complex, it dives deep into or subconscious and perceptual Sept. With all the complexity Films are designed in a way that makes people laugh and Cry, feel scared and happy. The way they reach out, express so vividly is design and they generally achieve their goal.

Rhetoric is an art form, an art of using language as a means to persuade. It has a set of rules how to use language in order to persuade others. It can be called language design and it works.

Becoming competent takes a lot more than reading about it, talking about it or even selling it. What matters the most is the ground level experience.

We all perfectly know designers are narcissists; programmers are nerds and those tie wearing jerks are clues. Designers, programmers and business people love to hate each other. That’s probably why it’s advisable to keep them separated.

The product, the interface and the communication build on the tension between the economic, the technological and the design force.

The business department and the engineer needs to agree on a product definition that guarantees success, engineers and designers need to work together to make the interface as simple as possible; and designers need to work with business people to get the communication consistent.


Good brands are not Mediocre, they are superior to the competition, are timeless and command a premium.

Your sensitive aunt won’t like Godfather series no matter how well you explain its substance, the project manager would not buy a Honda over BMW no matter how well you explain its practicality. “You cannot control people through design” but you can certainly control whom you speak to.

Branding is not a magic potion that turns products into miracles that everybody likes. What good, well researched and executed branding will do is to help you speak more efficiently to you target audience.

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