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Shakespeare’s work expresses the entire range of human experience. His chosen characters were easily relatable, who took the sympathy of the audience as compared to Shakespeare counterparts, who had a very linear outlook of the world, good people and monsters.

Shakespeare in his time was famous for his distinctive writing style. The writing unlike the time depended on extended, sometimes elaborated metaphors and language often rhetorical. Shakespeare used a pattern consisting of lines of unrhymed iambic pentameter called blank verse. Read More


What are Gary Vee’s Issues with Branding & eCommerce?

Lifestyle and fashion brands share the similar building blocks for marketing (depending on their budget). With organic search marketing, content marketing, PPC, influencer marketing, and initiating email marketing campaigns to generate leads, offering them discounts to invite their friends, spreading the message. This sums up… Read more


Why JCrew is the next British Empire?

There’s an important lesson for eCommerce brands, specially in lifestyle and fashion segment. Running a brand is not much different than running an empire. There’s so much one can learn from the fall of British empire. Empires and great powers rise and fall. The change… Read more