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What Marshall McLuhan can teach you about lifestyle and fashion eCommerce?

Herbert Marshall McLuhan or Marshall McLuhan as he is popularly known. Born in 1911 Edmonton, Canada. He was a professor, philosopher, and public intellectual. His graduate work at Cambridge University initiated the work and started McLuhan’s eventual move toward media analysis.

He is responsible for coining the famous expression “The Medium is The Message”,

So what does the medium is the message really mean, why is it so important that Marshall McLuhan got so much attention for it?

The genius lies in the paradox of the statement, in its deliberation. For instance when you receive a message the content of message is the message, there’s nothing that lies in the form. Form never was the considering factor, it was the content that mattered.

McLuhan’s genius was to emphasize the form as the primary driver to the content. He argued that, throughout history it has the medium that was more important than the message that was communicated. The oral culture as compared to the print culture was more audio based than visual. Read More

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